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Ain't no party like a Queen D party!

A fitness experience like no other!

My name is Denere Hilton but you can call me... 

Queen D

I'm a daughter, mother, friend and a fiercely full-time, certified fitness instructor. 

I created my own lane in the fitness world targeting many communities of Maryland. I've been featured on local news channels, participated in large events such as, fitness and health expositions, and have traveled across the country to other states, while sharing my passion and drive for health and fitness with others.


I believe in sisterhood and brotherhood to help build one another throughout their fitness journey. My mission is to help individuals understand that we are all a "WERK" in progress. We must love our bodies both inside and out and understand that our heartbeat gives us a purpose in life. Everyday we must strive to fulfill our purpose and share our light with the world!

I offer a variety of fitness classes such as BodyWERK, ChairFIT, boot camps and personal training sessions. Each class has its own flare but, they all comprise of motivation, a sisterhood/brotherhood, dance, great music, encouragement, inspiration and a judgement-free zone.


My Classes and Services

Classes and Services

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